Elfdoll-Rainydoll  K Special
Sculptor- Rainman
Faceup- Elfdoll
Age 22
Adopted February 23, 2007

Kuro is the strong silent type, a little mysterious, and definitely dangerous.
The moment he arrived, Katara has been smitten with him, and he is protective of her. 
Rhys- CP Luts El
Regan- CP Luts Lishe
Katara-Elfdoll Ryung
KURO- Elfdoll Special K

Elfdoll-Rainydoll Ryung
Sculptor- Rainman
Faceup-Filter off Kilter Esthetics by Lyn Raftis
Age 20
Adopted June1, 2005

Katara is my first BJD and top model for Angel Rose.  Sweet tempered and kind to all beings, she is truly my Angel.
Regan D'Avre  (Ree-gan)

Cerebrus Project Lishe (normal skin)
Faceup- Luts
Adopted June 7, 2005

Regan is Rhys' sister and arrived a week after Katara.  She is a fun loving spirit, fiesty, demanding and at times devious.  She likes Katara, but is extremely protective of her brother.  Regan recently found out about a secret that may change all of their lives.....

Maximillian Rhys D'Avre  (Rhys)

Cerebrus Project EL (normal skin)
Face up- Luts
Age- 21
Adopted June 3, 2005

Rhys arrived shortly after Katara and she was so taken with him, they soon started dating.  But now they are broken up, due to Regan's mysterious secret.  Rhys is a quiet but strong young man-highly intelligent and very into his martial arts training.  He is also very close to his sister Regan.