What is Angel Rose Couture?
Angel Rose Couture is the sister site for BJD's to Madeleine Rose Couture and is owned by Lori Lyon. My website includes an online shop where you can buy clothes and accessories for your dolls. All  items are handmade.

Do you sell dolls at Angel Rose?
No I don't. At  Angel Rose, I just sell clothes and accessories for dolls, but not dolls or doll parts. .

How can I purchase your items?
To place an order, just add the items you want to buy to the shopping cart.

How can I pay my order?
I accept Paypal as my main payment method. My Paypal account is: maddierose90804@yahoo.com.  Please notice that if payment is not received within 5 days after placing a new order, this order will be automatically cancelled.

How much are the shipping costs?
That depends on the destination country and the parcel weight. I send most orders through USPS Priority mail. I try to send small orders in a padded envelope through first class mail in order to mantain a lower shipping cost.  You'll see the shipping costs on the shopping cart page each time you add items to it

How long will it take my order to arrive?
It depends on the destination country. Orders inside the continental United States take about 3 working days (for USPS Priority; up to 5 days by airmail) to arrive, outside the US it takes between 5 and 10 days.

How long does it take you to finish my order?
Most items are available immediately, and if not, I will state that they are a preorder item.  My items are handmade and some of the time are produced on demand.  Because of this, and depending on the number of orders I receive, it takes about 3-8 weeks to finish an order from the moment payment is confirmed. Please understand that two orders that were placed and paid in the same day won't necessarily be finished and shipped at the same time. The finishing and shipping date will depend on many factors. As a general rule, a big order will take longer to be produced and shipped than a small one. Besides that, when I have stock for an item, I am able to ship it inmediately, while highly customized items (like commissions and preorders) will take longer to be ready.

Do you accept layaway?
I usually ask for complete payment of orders. However, if your order total reaches 500 dollars or more, I accept layaway in two parts: first half when placing your order and second half when your order is finished. Please notice that orders won't be sent until full payment is received.

May I order an outfit that's not for sale on your website?
No, you can only order outfits from the online shop catalog. To date, I have been taking occasional commissions, (for 18th c gowns) Please note that if you see something you like in the gallery, it is not availble even for commission.  All items in the galleries are either OOAK or sold out. Sorry.

Which doll sizes do you have available?
At the moment I have the following BJD bodies: Rainydoll Ryung(older 2-part full bust 24" tall), CP Lishe(22" tall), CP EL(24"tall), and Rainydoll K (26" tall)

How can I be aware of your new releases?
If you don't want to miss the news, auctions and releases, you can subscribe to the Angel Rose Couture Yahoo Group